Naval Exercise Varuna Conducted by India and France


Varuna-2022 will go a long way in strengthening the strategic partnership between India and France. The culmination of the 20th edition of the Indo-French bilateral Naval exercise ‘Varuna-2022’ took place on 03 Apr 22

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About this Exercise

This exercise is conducted so that the participating units can sharpen and enhance their operational skills in the maritime sector. The participating units also look to improve their inter-operability so that they can undertake various maritime security operations. The units also demonstrate their commitment, as an integrated force, to the promotion of the region’s security, peace, and stability.

In 1993, this bilateral naval exercises between the Navies of the two were countries were first initiated. In 2001, the name of the exercise was christened ‘Varuna’ and it has become an important part of the bilateral strategic relationship between India and France.

The objective of the exercise

The scope of this exercise has grown over the years. These exercises provide the navies of both nations with various opportunities to the best possible practices from each other. This exercise plays the role of the significant driver for interactions at the operational level between the navies of India and France. Also, this exercise has highlighted the shared commitment of both countries to the safety, security, and freedom of the global maritime sector.

The culmination of the 20th edition of the Indo-French bilateral Naval exercise ‘Varuna-2022’ took place on 03 Apr 22. The exercise this year has an expanded scope cover a broad spectrum of maritime operations. The eventful tactical sea phase of the exercise laid primary focus on advanced anti-submarine warfare tactics, gunnery shoots, seamanship evolutions, tactical manoeuvres and extensive air operations. 

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