NDA 1 2024 Result Out


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results for the National Defence Academy (NDA) 1 2024 examination. Candidates can check their results by entering their roll numbers in the provided PDF document for the NDA 1 2024 examination. Candidates who have qualified the written examination can read this article carefully for the further process.

The National Defence Academy (NDA) stands as a revered institution, offering young aspirants a pathway to a career in the Indian Armed Forces. The NDA 1 2024 exam, known for its stringent and competitive selection criteria, has just concluded.

NDA 1 2024 Result Announcement

The NDA 1 2024 result was announced by the UPSC on May 9th, 2024, through its official website at upsc.gov.in. The commission has released list of all candidates who have qualified the written examination and are now eligible to appear for the Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews. Candidates can check their result from the link given in this article. Candidates also read this article for SSB Interview Process.

Qualifying Candidates

Based on the UPSC’s announcement, a total of 400 training positions at the National Defence Academy and the Indian Naval Academy will be filled through the NDA 1 2024 selection process. The list of qualified candidates includes individuals who have secured the required cut-off marks in the written exam, paving the way for the next stage of the selection process.

Overview of the NDA SSB Interview Process

The NDA SSB interview process comprises two distinct stages: Stage I and Stage II. The SSB interview process involves the examination of each candidate by three examiners: the interviewing officer, the group testing officer, and the psychologist. Each examiner assesses the candidate independently before drawing their own conclusion about the candidate’s potential.

  • During Stage I, candidates undergo assessments such as the Officer Intelligence Rating and the Picture Perception Description Test. These evaluations are designed to assess the candidates’ intelligence, analytical thinking, and ability to perceive and describe visual information. Based on their performance in these tests, candidates are shortlisted to proceed to Stage II.
  • Stage II of the NDA SSB interview is an extensive process that spans four days and includes a range of assessments. These assessments encompass Psychology Assessments, Group Testing Officer Tasks, Interview, and conferences. The purpose of Stage II is to evaluate candidates’ psychological attributes, leadership potential, communication skills, and overall suitability for a career in the Indian armed forces.

The NDA SSB interview process aims to thoroughly examine applicants’ physical, mental, and psychological capabilities. It is a comprehensive evaluation that helps determine their potential to serve in the defense forces of the nation.

NDA SSB Interview – Detailed Procedure
Stage I
1Officer Intelligence ratingIt is conducted to test the candidate’s intelligence. Verbal Reasoning:Approximately 50 to 60 verbal questions are presented to candidates.Candidates have a time limit of 30 minutes to answer these questions.Verbal reasoning topics include series, identifying the odd one out, speed/distance/time calculations, and questions related to blood ties. Non-Verbal Reasoning:Around 50 non-verbal questions are included in this section.Candidates are given 40 minutes to complete these questions.Non-verbal reasoning tasks involve analyzing and interpreting visual information.Non-verbal questions include observing an image, identifying its mirror image, and recognizing picture distortions.
Picture Perception Description Test (PPDT)Test Overview:Candidates are presented with an image for a duration of 30 seconds.After observing the image, they are required to construct a story based on the given image within a time limit of 3 minutes. The Projection Test, or PPDT, in the NDA SSB interview serves as a measure of candidates’ ability to observe details, think creatively, and construct a coherent story based on limited visual information.
Stage II
2Psychological TestDuring the NDA SSB Interview process exams are designed to test the candidates’ personality traits and overall suitability for the armed forces. 1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): Also known as the Picture Story writing test.Candidates will be presented with approximately 11 pictures during the test.Each picture will be displayed only for 30 seconds.Candidates will have 4 minutes to construct a plot or story based on each picture.Only once the 4 minutes are over, the next image will be displayed.The 12th slide is left blank. Candidates are expected to write any story as per their choice. 2. Word Association Test (WAT): It is the second psychological test conducted during the NDA SSB selection process.Candidates are presented with a series of sixty words.Each word is displayed for only 50 seconds.Candidates need to write down the first idea or concept that comes to their mind upon seeing the word on display.Candidates must record their responses on paper. 3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Candidates receive a booklet with 60 written situations.These situations serve as the foundation for the candidates’ written solutions.The test requires candidates to address all 60 situations within a given time frame.Candidates have 30 minutes to respond to the 60 situations. 4. Self-Description Test (SD): Candidates are given a total of 15 minutes to complete the Self-Description Test.Within this time frame, candidates must write five separate paragraphs, each focusing on the opinions of different individuals: parents/guardians, friends, teachers, and superiors.The paragraphs should reflect the candidate’s understanding of how these individuals perceive them.
3Group Testing Officer (GTO) TasksOver two days, the group testing officer administers nine tests in groups. These exams involve mental and physical tasks indoors and outdoors. Group Discussion:A group of candidates is given a scenario or topic, often related to current events.Candidates engage in a conversation rather than a formal debate, discussing various aspects of the problem.Each group discussion lasts for 20 minutes.The Group Task Officer (GTO) monitors the candidates’ participation and performance throughout the activity. Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise):Candidates are presented with a practical situation and must develop a written strategy to address the problem.Candidates outline their group’s answer and draw a firm conclusion during the exercise.It is important to demonstrate planning and decision-making skills while collaborating with the group.The exercise is conducted within a timeframe of 20 minutes. Progressive Group Task:This task takes place during a GTO interview and is the first outdoor task.Candidates must complete a series of four obstacles within 40 to 50 minutes, with increasing difficulty.The group is provided with structures, assisting materials, and loads to overcome the obstacles.Candidates are expected to work together to overcome difficulties, utilizing aids like ropes, planks, and wood logs. Half Group Task:The group size is reduced by half compared to the Progressive Group Task (PGT).Candidates have additional opportunities to showcase their abilities and leadership skills. Lecturette:It is an individual activity where candidates deliver a three-minute presentation.Candidates have three minutes to prepare from a set of four lecture topics.The focus is on the candidate’s self-assurance, perspective, and presentation skills.Each participant presents their chosen lecturette topic.
4Group Testing Officer (GTO) TasksIndividual Obstacles:Ten obstacles are set up for candidates to handle one at a time.Each obstacle is assigned a point value ranging from one to ten.Candidates are given three minutes to complete these obstacles. Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race):All groups participate in a race where they have to pull a rolled-up tent resembling a snake through a series of six obstacles. Command Task:A candidate is designated as the commander and is assisted by two or three subordinates.Candidates can select two individuals from their group to assist them in this task.The obstacle must be cleared within a specified time frame using the available resources. Final Group Task:This task is similar to the Progressive Group Task (PGT)It involves a single obstacle.Each group is provided with specific items such as a 5-foot long Fatta, a balli, a latha, a steel pipe, two ropes, and a 5-kilogram load.The task must be completed within a time limit of 15 to 20 minutes. Candidate Interview:The interview with the candidate takes place on the same day as the other activities.It is a one-on-one interview conducted by a recruiting officer.The NDA SSB questions typically last around 35 to 40 minutes.
5ConferenceConference/Final Selection:On the final day of the NDA SSB Interview process, all board members, including the President, Deputy President, psychologists, technical officers, and GTOs, gather with the candidates.The purpose of the conference is to have a conversation with the candidates and ask them general questions.The board members evaluate the candidates based on their overall conduct, thought process, and words.The main objective of the conference is to make recommendations for officer positions in the Indian Defense Forces. Medical Examination and Result:After the conference, candidates are sent for a medical examination.The medical examination is conducted to ensure that the selected candidates meet the required medical standards.The NDA SSB result is made public approximately one hour after the board meeting concludes.Candidates who are selected undergo additional three to five days of medical tests.The final merit list is released after the candidate successfully passes the medical examination.

Q1. What is the total number of vacancies for the NDA 1 2024 examination?

The UPSC has announced that a total of 400 training positions at the National Defence Academy and the Indian Naval Academy will be filled through the NDA 1 2024 selection process.

Q2. How can I check my NDA 1 2024 result?

The NDA 1 2024 result is available on the UPSC’s official website (upsc.gov.in). Candidates can visit the website, navigate to the “Result” section, and find the PDF containing the list of qualified candidates.

Q3. What is the next step for candidates who have cleared the NDA 1 2024 written exam?

Candidates who have qualified the NDA 1 2024 written exam must register themselves on the Indian Army Recruiting website (joinindianarmy.nic.in) within two weeks of the result announcement. This will enable the authorities to allot them their respective Selection Centres and interview dates.

Q4. How can I raise an objection regarding the NDA 1 2024 examination?

Candidates who wish to raise objections can do so by visiting the UPSC’s official website (upsc.gov.in), navigating to the “Recruitment” section, and finding the “Representation on Question Paper” link. This will guide them through the process of submitting their concerns within the allotted time frame of 7 days from the declaration of the results.