NDA Vacancy Details (Male & Female) Updated


NDA Vacancy details updated by upsc in this recent notification published by UPSC 19 Seats Reserved For Female Candidates At National Defence Academy For First Female Batch.

NDA (II) – 2021. Total Number of applications received – 5,75,856. The total number of applications received from female candidates – 1,77,654. Necessary infrastructure and facilities for the training of female candidates are in place.

Medical standards have been notified in the UPSC notification. Physical standards will be finalized before the commencement of training.

There was no restriction on the number of female applicants who could apply for the 2021 National Defence Academy Examination.

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In continuation of the Corrigendum dated 24.09.2021, which was issued by the Commission in compliance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order dated 18.08.2021 in WP (C) No.1416/2020 filed by Shri Kush Kalra vs UOI and Others permitting women candidates to participate in the NDA & NA Examination (II), 2021, it is hereby informed that the Ministry of Defence has furnished the following revised vacancy position thereby earmarking vacancies for women:

ARMY208 (including 10 for female candidates)
NAVY42 (including 3 for female candidates)
92 (including 2 for female candidates)
GD TECH18 (including 2 for female candidates)
GD NON TECH10 (including 2 for female candidates)
NAVAL ACADEMY110 – 30 (for male candidates only)

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In September this year, Supreme Court said there should be no delay in allowing women aspirants to take the exam as Centre wanted more time to make arrangements and the Ministry of Defence said it would put in place a mechanism by May 2022.

Entry to NDA would also pave the way for women getting permanent commission as their male counterparts who graduate from the institution.

The Indian Army has granted permanent commission to 577 women officers since February 2020 after the Supreme Court verdict on the subject that also made women officers eligible for commanding their units.

Permanent commission to more women officers will further pave the way for women getting larger roles in the army and also hold command positions.

Earlier, the government resisted granting permanent commission to women officers citing bizaare reasons like poor hygiene in forward areas to motherhood and child care, leading a life of isolation and troops from rural backgrounds not accepting women officers as commanders to the Supreme Court that was not acceptable to the apex court.