Israel successfully test fires “C-Dome” Defence system


Israel successfully tested a new naval air defence system “C-Dome,” to be used on the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6-class corvettes. A new naval air defence system named ‘C-Dome’ has been successfully tested by Israel. This missile system will be used on the Sa’ar 6-class corvettes of the Israel Navy.

  • The C-Dome is a naval variant of the Iron Dome of Israel.
  • The Iron Dome is a missile system of Israel that is used to destroy and intercept missiles and rockets of short-range from the Gaza Strip.
  • The successful testing of the C-Dome further strengthens the country’s maritime defence.
  • The testing was carried out on various incoming threats which included cruise missiles, rockets, and drones.
  • This live testing acted as a milestone in Israels’ defence system by showcasing the world the nation’s capacity to defend itself.

About the system:

The systems that we are developing as part of Israel’s multi-tier missile defence array enable us to operate against Iranian proxies in the region and defend against their weapon systems, which are constantly being upgraded. The C-Dome is to become part of Israel’s multilayer missile defence system — which includes weapons capable of intercepting everything from long-range missiles to short-range rockets.

About Iron Dome

Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems created the Iron Dome missile system which is a deployable all-weather air defence system of the country. This missile system has been deployed to intercept and destroy artillery shells and short-range rockets which are fired from a distance of 4 to 70 kilometers. Israel has plans to increase the range of this system from 70 kilometers to 250 kilometers and make it versatile enough to intercept rockets coming from two simultaneous directions. The Iron Dome has successfully intercepted 90 percent of the missiles which were launched towards Israel from the Gaza strip.

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