INDRA to be held at Volgograd


INDRA EXERCISE to be held From 1st to 13th August India and Russia will hold the 12th edition of joint military exercise in Russia’s Volgograd.

  • The exercise is named INDRA 2021. It will further strengthen and develop the bilateral security cooperation of the two countries.
  • This exercise will reinforce the longstanding bond of friendship, understanding and cooperation between India and Russia.
  • It will necessitate the conduct of counter-terror operations under the mandate of United Nations by a joint operative force against international terrorist organizations.
  • 250 personnel from both the nations will take part in this exercise.
  • This exercise will further enhance the interoperability and mutual confidence between the Indian and Russian Armies
  • Through this exercise the armies of both the countries will be able to share the best practices between themselves.

Table of Contents

Indian Army contingent

The Indian Army contingent will comprise of a Mechanised Infantry Battalion that underwent rigorous trainings at various locations across India to refine their skills to take part in this India-Russia joint exercise.

About Volgograd

Volgograd is a Russian city which is situated on the western bank of the river Volga.


In a bid to boost mutual confidence and interoperability, over 200 Indian and Russian Armed forces personnel will participate in a joint military exercise from 1 to 13 August in Russia.


The 12th edition of the INDRA military exercise between India and Russia will entail the conduct of the counter-terror operations under the United Nations mandate by a joint force against the International Terror Groups.


•  The 12th edition of the INDRA exercise will be yet another milestone in strengthening bilateral security cooperation.

•  It will also serve to reinforce the long-standing friendship between India and Russia.

•  The military exercise will further strengthen the interoperability and mutual confidence between the Indian and the Russian armies. It will enable the sharing of best practices between the contingents of both nations.

About INDRA Military exercise:

INDRA is a joint biennial military exercise that was first conducted by India and Russia in 2003. The military exercise is aimed to boost the cooperation and interoperability between the Indian and the Russian navies.

It involves live-firing drills, as well as air defence and anti-submarine operations. Additionally, terrorism, counterpiracy, and drug smuggling operations are also carried out in the exercise.

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