AFCAT 30 August 1st Shift Question Answer keys


Many aspirants are appearing for the AFCAT 2 2021 online examination today across the country, DEFENCE GUIDE will publish the AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Keys from 30th August 2021along with AFCAT 2 2021 Question Paper just after the exam. Candidates who are looking for AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys for Shift-1 from 30 August 2021 paper can find the complete AFCAT 2021 answer keys DEFENCE GUIDE. Candidates can also download the AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys from the links given below .

AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Key – 28 August – Shift 1 – Updating

Q. Which state dance is Sattriya? Assam northeast India.
Q. Who received Bharat Ratna and Nishan-e-Pakistan? Morarji Desai
Q. Who crossed the English channel first? Matthew Webb
Q. Charminar Trophy is associated with __? Cricket
Q. Which is known as the Mecca of cricket? Lord’s Cricket Ground, England.
Q. What is the Indian standard meridian longitude? 82°30’E longitude of 82o 30′ E is treated as the Standard Meridian known as the Indian Standard Time (IST).
Q. Moscow is situated on which Bank of river? Moskva River
Q. Which is the highest point in Andaman and Nicobar Islands? Saddle Peak (732 Mtrs) is the highest point in the Andaman Islands.
Q Venn Diagram: Salary, Tax, Divident
Q. Which Article is considered the soul of the Constitution? B. R. Ambedkar called Article 32 of the Indian Constitution i.e. Right to Constitutional remedies as ‘the heart and soul of the Constitution’.
Q. Synonym: Precarious

Q. During which reign Ramcharitmanas was written by Tulsidas? Tulsidas began writing the Ramcharitmanas in Ayodhya in 1574 CE during the Akbar rule. The exact date is stated in the poem as being the ninth day of the month of Chaitra, which is the birthday of Rama.
Q. Antonym of Hypothesis.
Q. Which steel plant in India was setup in collaboration with Germany? Rourkela Steel Plant
Q. Odd one out: Ladder Staircase, Bridge, Escalator
Q. Who is the author of the book The Bird of Time Song of Life Death and the spring? Sarojini Naidu.

Q. Antonym: Disdain.
Q.Antonym of Paucity
Q. Antonym: Precarious
Q. Which river is known as Chinese sorrow? Yellow River also known as Hwang Ho River
1st individual to win Guinness world record? Sir Hugh Beaver
Q. Shwetambar digamber associated with which religion? Jainism
Q. Nimzo Indian Defence is associated with which sport? Chess
Q. Which body part is associated with cirrhosis? Liver
Q. Third Anglo-Mysore War fought between? Tipu and East Indian Company William Medows Charles, Earl Cornwallis

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