Indian Air Force has published the AFCAT 2 2021 result on 17 September 2021. The SSB interview for the AFCAT 2 2021 will start soon. Successful candidates can select their AFSB date and venue from the official website once open. AFCAT 2 2021 cut off is 157 marks out of 300 and EKT cut off is 18 marks out of 150.

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How to check AFCAT 2 2021 Result and marks

  1. Visit the official website AFCAT CDAC
  2. Go to candidates login and select AFCAT 2 2021 Cycle
  3. Enter your login details
  4. Click on the result link
  5. You will get your AFCAT 2 2021 scorecard.

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Cut-Off Marks of Previous Years

AFCATAFCAT Cut Off (Out of 300 Marks)EKT Cut Off (Out of 150 Marks)
AFCAT 2 202115718
AFCAT 1 202116530
AFCAT 2 202015540
AFCAT 1 202015340
AFCAT 2 201914250
AFCAT 1 201913350
AFCAT 2 201814055
AFCAT 1 201815560
AFCAT 2 201716060
AFCAT 1 201715060
AFCAT 2 201614860
AFCAT 1 201613252
AFCAT 2 201514452
AFCAT 1 201512655

Which AFSB venue is best for me?

  • All AFSBs are same in terms of testing, wherever you go, you have to perform. So the best criteria while selecting the AFSB is the distance and date. Select the nearest AFSB and the convenient date to make your journey comfortable.

How to Prepare for the AFSB interview?

  • First, get a basic knowledge of SSB and AFSB, without having the idea of the syllabus of SSB, you will not be able to perform well. So it is best to understand the different tests that you are going to face at AFSB.

Preparation Tips for AFCAT AFSB Interview

  • You should start reading the newspaper daily. It will help you improve your communication skills as well as current
    affairs. Besides this, reading newspapers will also help you stay updated with the latest news in the defence sector
    especially in the Indian Air Force.
  • You need to exercise daily to increase your stamina as the physical strength will be tested in the AFCAT AFSB
    Interview. Some outdoor sports like cricket and football will surely help you stay active as well as develop a sense of
    team spirit.
  • You should try to learn some basic things about Indian Air Force such as ranks, missiles, commands and aircraft.
  • Since the OIR (Officer Intelligent Rank) test will comprise Non-Verbal/ Verbal reasoning skills test, you should try to
    solve the maximum number of questions from figure embedded, series completion and odd figure out.
  • You should practise writing stories as you are expected to write a story of at least 70 words in just 4 minutes of time
    during the Picture Perception Test. You can prepare for this test by conducting a demo group discussion with your
    friends or speaking in front of the mirror.
  • You should try to solve the maximum number of confident building exercise to perform well in the AFCAT AFSB