AFCAT All set 28 August Questions with answers


Many aspirants are appearing for the AFCAT 2 2021 online examination today across the country, DEFENCE GUIDE will publish the AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Keys from 28th August 2021along with AFCAT 2 2021 Question Paper just after the exam. Candidates who are looking for AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys for Shift-1 and Shift-2 from 28 August 2021 paper can find the complete AFCAT 2021 answer keys DEFENCE GUIDE. Candidates can also download the AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys from the links given below once we update them.

AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Key – 28 August – Shift 1 – Updating

DEFENCE GUIDE will be updating the AFCAT 2 2021 28 August memory-based shift-1 questions and answer keys soon after the exam ends.

  • Floating national park is in which state?
  • Greenland which ocean?
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park is in which state?
  • Scalp missile used in which fighter jet?
  • Lion:prowl, bear-?
  • Aseel : poultry, solomon : ?
  • World first amateur billiard tittle?
  • Which of the following were present in the Akbar’s Navratnas?
  • Venn : root vegetables, carrot
  • Venn: truck, ship, goods
  • When was the first FIFA World Cup inaugurated ? July 13, 1930
  • Castle term is related to which sport? Chess 
  • Synonyms: Garner,
  • Antonnyms of- wrath, erratic, felicitous
  • Archery is national sport of which country?
  • When was Planning Commission of India formed?
  • Hematology? the study of blood and blood disorders
  • Land of morning calms?
  • Which of the following is known as the Black lead?
  • Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
  • Who among the following built the Red Fort in Delhi?
  • Idiom: Walking on thin ice
  • Idiom: a square peg in a round hole
  • What is the capital of Laos?
  • Largest fresh water lake in Asia?
  • What is the largest riverine island in India?
  • The Kalahari desert is located in which among the following continents?
  • The first man-made polymer is? Bakelite
  • Thumri a style of Indian music originated in which state? Uttar Pradesh
  • Which among the following is not in the list of Maharatna? Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • What is a graticule? – The network of intersecting parallels and meridians on a map.
  • When was the first fiveyear plan of India started?
  • Who is known as “the las vegas kid”? Andre Agassi, American tennis player
  • Where is IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Headquarters? Abu Dhabi
  • What are the 14 moon of Neptune? Question asked on Neptune’s moon.

AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Key – 28 August – Shift 2 – Updating


  • What is the Capital of Slovakia? Bratislava
  • Jab is associated with which sport? Boxing
  • Participation of women in olympics started in which year? 1900
  • Total no. of languages in the 8th schedule of Indian Constitution? 22 Languages
  • Maximum gold in olympics is won by which female athlete? Larisa Latynina, gymnastics (URS, 1956-1964) 18 medals in gymnastics, nine of which were gold.
  • Who is the author of ‘Animal Farm‘? George Orwell
  • Who is the First chairman of financial commission? Kshitish Chandra Neogy
  • Which of the following is a fatsoluble vitamin? Vit B and Vit C
  • Capital of Shivaji Maharaj in Mediaeval? Raigad Fort
  • Which one is different 1. Brass 2. Aluminum 3. Copper 4. Silver Ans: BRASS
  • First Indian woman sportsperson to win gold at Table tennis in commonwealth games? Manika Batra
  • Sardar Sarovar dam is on which river? Narmada
  • Dhuandhar waterfall is located at which river? Narmada
  • What is the correct order of arrivals of Europeans to India? order are Portuguese, Dutch, British, Danes and finally French.
  • When Jan Gan Man adopted by the constituent assembly? January 24, 1950
  • Founder of haryanka dynasty? Bimbisara
  • America’s Cup asscoated with wich sports? Sailing
  • Nick Names of Australia, Rome and Jerusalem are given, Find the wrong one.
  • Who is sitar maestro of India? Pandit Ravi Shankar KBE LH
  • Who was the first female judge to appoint the Supreme Court? M Fathima Beevi in 1989
  • Which planet is known as Green Planet? Uranus
  • Which one is Light Combat/Utility Helicopter (LCH)? HAL Dhruv
  • Akbarnama was written originally in which among the following languages? Persian
  • Who was the first indian woman to win an olympic medal in a sport? Karnam Malleswari Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  • Children are delight ______ the house. a) with b) of c) for d) by
  • How many languages are there in 8th schedule?  22 languages
  • Argentina : Brazil :: ______ : Iran Ans: Iraq
  • Ram and sham live in city A while govind lives in city B they plan to eat at a restaurant which lies somewhere in between the cities A and B.the distance between the cities is 1080.ram is traveling 60 km/hr and govind travels 120 km/hr they leave at same time 6 am.after some time sham shame also leaves all meet at the same time.whts the time?
  • The first Prime Minister of Kenya? Jomo Kenyatta

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